With the sole objective of ‘returning to society’, the Goel Ganga Group established the non-profit Goel Ganga Foundation. Needless to say, with over two decades of service, the Foundation has championed a number of social causes to mark its prominence in varied spheres. The foundation not only instills confidence in citizens but also provides support to eco-social activities, free education to the needy, especially the girl-child; construction of tenements in slum areas; sports, arts and culture, welfare-aided programs and recreational arenas.

Goel Ganga International School

Foundation has played an instrumental role in the foundation of the GG International School, based on the objective of imparting ‘quality education’ at an affordable fee. The underlying thought is to provide a quality educational forum that upholds Traditional Values and Systems, amidst the international requisite of an environmentally friendly atmosphere.
Goel Ganga Foundation speaks volumes of Reliability, Responsibility and Transparency, bearing in mind the needs of the Society, and those who we would help with our Resources, Experience and Expertise.

The intent behind the founding of this school is to impart learning that upholds traditional values and systems, keeping in mind the need for environmental awareness and a friendly atmosphere.