At Goel Ganga Group, we are committed to delivering delight, simply because our philosophy, our inspiration and our way of life can be summarized in two simple words…Pure Delight!


Spreading Pure Delight begins with putting smiles on little faces. Education is a human right that is often forgotten.

By educating and promoting the downtrodden, we aim to give them dreams and ambitions that otherwise would never have crossed their minds.
From conducting special workshops to providing stationery, we do our best to help those less fortunate than us.

Labour Welfare

The labour force in construction, manufacturing and other such industries is often taken for granted. Here, at Goel Ganga Group, it is quite the opposite.

As part of our Labour Welfare program, we conduct workshops and undertake initiatives to ensure that education, vocational training and basic knowledge of necessary skills are imparted.

Sports and Social Events

At Goel Ganga Group, we encourage good working and social relationships within the company. A team that gets along well with one another is sure to perform well as a whole as well as create a friendly atmosphere.

Social gatherings and events for festivals such as concerts and dance performances are conducted regularly to promote social interaction and a good atmosphere overall.

Social Welfare

It is the duty of every human being to give back to society in every way possible. As part of our social welfare initiatives, we organize cleaning campaigns around the city to raise environmental awareness and do our bit to make Pune, clean.

We also conduct regular blood donation drives to give back to society and help out those in need.


Indian culture and tradition is vibrant and breathtaking in every aspect. At Goel Ganga Group, we seek to bring this culture to prominence by organizing performances and activities that showcase its everlasting beauty.

As part of our Idea of India initiative, we organize various performances and concerts featuring prominent personalities to keep our traditions and culture alive.