Welcome to Goel Ganga Group

For over 3 decades now, we at the Goel Ganga Group have delivered Pure Delight to the lives of more than 30,000 happy, satisfied families across Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Nagpur. With a keenly developed eye for detail, excellent product development, a focus on community building and a commitment to nation building, the Group’s journey traverses the diverse fields of real estate, hospitality and education.

The real estate industry is a reflection of the wealth of a nation. And we are proud to be contributors and indeed creators of skylines that herald prosperity. That is why we come to work every day. So that you may live wealthy, and we may make that living Pure Delight!

Team Speaks


It gives me great pleasure to belong to an organisation that is as process-driven and at the same time as people-friendly as Goel Ganga Group. It is this unique combination of head and heart that empowers us to deliver not just on time, but before time; and to deliver Pure Delight to all our customers, employees, partners, associates and indeed to the society that we function in!

- Nikhil Atre, Purchase Manager


Nothing is too small or too unimportant for the design team here at the Goel Ganga Group. From obsessing over the best shower heads that can be used to optimise water flow, to dreaming up innovative plumbing, to managing traffic flows in large projects – we are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver Pure Delight.

- Arup Roy, Chief Architect


At the Goel Ganga Group, we are committed to doing our bit towards proliferating and empowering what we call the Idea of India – an initiative to spread genuine patriotism and forward-looking nationalism amongst the people of the country.


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