Yoga is an ancient practice of exercising the body, mind and soul in tandem which can trace its roots back to the 5th Century BCE with some evidence even suggesting that Yoga has been around since Pre-Vedic times and the Indus Valley Civilization.
This ancient practice has now found global recognition as countries across the world see large swathes of their populations practice Yoga every morning in public parks and their own houses. And many others in the world wonder… what is it about Yoga that makes everyone want to get up before the crack of dawn and bend themselves into funny positions before the sun has even thought of gracing the horizon.
Well, my dear readers, the answer is simple. Yoga is unbelievable fun and here are 10 reasons why it is unbelievably fun and Pure Delight.


You can do it anywhere! From the living room in your very own home to the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, Yoga is not limited to a specific place within the 4 closed of something like a gym. You can do Yoga wherever you fancy.

No funds required. Yoga requires absolutely no monetary support. If anything, I suppose you could purchase Yoga mats and pants but that would be an exercise in futility as you do not even require those! Other than a want to improve yourself, you require absolutely nothing else.

It will give you a peace of mind that can be rivaled by little else in the world and cannot be rivaled by any other form of exercise known to man. It can reduce your stress better than anything else and give your mind clarity, a clarity that will help you make better decisions.

IT HELPS YOU EAT! Yes! The thing about Yoga when compared to other exercises is that by the nature of Yoga itself you are more in-touch with your own body and its physical needs. As such, you can gauge when and what you want to eat better. This means that you automatically begin to eat healthier and better simply because your body needs it and you acknowledge it.

It is a natural anti-depressant and unlike all other anti-depressants (natural or not) this one comes from within, not without. The level of clarity that it presents helps you not only to reduce stress but it dispels anxiety and does away with depression as well.

This one, is definitely one the best; you sleep better. You know how you want to sleep but you just… can’t and so you toss and turn in bed until finally frustrated at yourself and then tired of that frustration you fall asleep with an ugly scowl on your face? Yoga can change that almost overnight. Studies have shown that people who do Yoga regularly not only sleep faster, but they go to sleep happier.

One of the greatest aspects of Yoga is headaches. Regular practitioners of Yoga almost never have headaches. So the next time you feel you are getting too many headaches, ditch the drugs, do the Yoga.

It also does what regular exercises do, but in a far more balanced way and allows you to do it without thinking about it. It builds upper and lower body strength equally without making you go to costly gyms or sweat yourself to death at home.

Yoga does what no masseuse could ever do; it massages your internal organs and conditions them to a better state and allows them to function at optimal levels.

Yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years old or 100. Yoga is not difficult or taxing. It is easy to understand and simple to perform. It is uniquely designed to help you live a long and happy life without taxing you or your body.
Keeping all this and more in mind, we at Goel Ganga Group encourage regularly practice Yoga, and also organize Yoga sessions at many of our projects on the occasion of International Yoga Day.
We do this not simply because it is good for you, but because staying true to the spirit of Goel Ganga Foundation, we want to give back. We want to give back simply because without you, the people, we would not be where we are and this is just one small way that we can and we are doing the same.