India will complete 71 glorious years of independence from British rule. In  its  struggle for independence  from 1857 onwards, India faced numerous hardships and losses. The struggle was challenging and heartbreaking, nevertheless, the country has learnt some significant lessons from this struggle. August is a month which takes us back to the past, to our freedom struggle. On August 15th , we celebrate our Independence Day  and offer tribute to our freedom fighters. Some of the lessons that we have learnt during the freedom struggle and are  worth noting and adhering to are:

  1. Lesson on Unity

The untiring efforts of our leaders and common man would not have been possible had it not been for the unity displayed by the masses. Overcoming old prejudices and suspicions, India as  a nation was able to unite its people and fight for independence. There were forces which tried to break the unity on account of baseless propaganda , however, under the leadership of strong and visionary people, the country remained united understanding the strength of unity.

At Goel Ganga, unity is of prime importance. We  are a united body and work in tandem with each other.


  1. Planning and Organization matters

The struggle for independence had brought to the fore this aspect. In order to achieve goals, it is important to have a well planned strategy and an organization to back it up. Without adhering to planning and organization it would have been difficult to mobilise the people of the country to raise their voices against the ruthless rule of the British. Therefore, the freedom struggle brings a lesson of immaculate planning and organization.

Learning from this, meticulous planning  and organization has been our mantra to achieve success.

  1. Leadership matters

The freedom struggle would not have been successful without the presence of strong leadership. At every stage of the struggle, the nation rose to the voice of leadership. Be it Mangal Panday or Mahatma Gandhi, the leadership gave the required confidence to the masses by which they surged ahead with their struggle and gained independence as the leadership was focused and was able to guide the entire nation  towards achieving one goal.

The Goel Ganga group is  guided by its able and inspiring leadership.


  1. Guarding the nation at all times

Guarding the frontiers and defending the nation is a very critical requirement of any nation. A slight carelessness  may lead to consequences of unforeseen nature.  If India had  been cautious about the intent of foreign rulers, it would not have lost the country umpteen times to foreign invaders and finally lost its freedom to the British empire. Hence defending ones nation is important at all times.

We, therefore, take a pledge to defend our country’s dignity and respect.


  1. Lessons in patriotism

Despite diversity, the masses of India displayed patriotism towards their country. People from across social groups came out and joined hands with one another to defy subjugation, exploitation and injustice. It was the feeling of patriotism which brought each and everyone under one umbrella and what we see today is the result of that patriotism.

A humble gesture on  every independence day ,to celebrate this day in remembrance of  all our freedom fighters  has been an important part of our lives.

  1. Decision Making

The freedom struggle was not devoid of challenges and roadblocks . Nevertheless, the leaders and all those who took charge of putting up a resistance went through times where they made apt decisions keeping in mind the interest of the nation and its people.  For instance the decision of Mangal Panday to revolt, the decision of Mahatma Gandhi to initiate and execute a few movements such as Non Cooperation, Quit India etc are testimonies that right decision making is important for a larger cause.

Decision making has been very crucial at Goel Ganga. Our decisions have proved beneficial to the society at large.

  1. Stand up against Injustice and Violence

The traumatic phase of the freedom struggle was all against the injustice and violence meted out to the masses in the hands of the British. For centuries Indian endeared with violence and injustice to the extent that there was a point when it began intolerable for them. The atrocities of Britishers were violent. People faced injustice in their own country in the hands of Britishers. This enabled people to raise their voice against injustice and violence. Hence, it is important for us to learnt from our freedom struggle movement that injustice can never be tolerated at any cost.

Adhering to the above , we defy injustice and violence in all its forms.


  1. Women Power

The freedom struggle also brought out one important aspect of women power to the forefront.  For centuries, women were subjugated and were relegated to a position of insignificance. However, when the momentum of foreign invasion became prominent, there were instances where women began raising their voices against the foreign rule and atrocities inflicted upon them. The numerous instances of Rani Lakshmibai, Sarojini Naidu and many others proved that women were fierce and actively took part in the freedom struggle.

Inspired by the fathomless strength of women during the times of our freedom struggle, we have GGF4Her , an initiative  to reach out to women.


  1. Determination and Perseverance

The struggle for freedom  was a great example of determination and perseverance  shown by the people. This makes us believe and follow the learning, that no matter how big the challenges seem, one can overcome them if only one has determination and perseverance.  It was the determination exhibited by the people which eventually bore fruits of independence .

Determination and perseverance has been the core of our principles in guiding us..

  1. Ahimsa

A very important learning from the freedom struggle has been the teachings of Mahatma Gandhiji on ‘Ahimsa”. India during its freedom struggle have proved that biggest challenges could be overcome by following the principle of Ahimsa.

Ahimsa has been the guiding principle in all our endeavors.

Therefore, India’s struggle for independence is of significance to each and every citizen of the country and world at large  as it  has left us with numerous lessons which we as a nation must never forget and adhere to at all times.