India has been through a myriad of struggles to reach its Republic status!

The journey of India from a mere dominion status to a sovereign republic country was not at all easy. The sacrifice of life by our freedom fighters and the intellectual wars of violence and non-violence have helped gain our country thesovereign status.

We are obliged to our great leaders of the past and are expected to serve the nation in every way possible. The auspicious date 26th January was chosen to commemorate Purna Swaraj Day, the first fight for complete independence!

As an appreciation to our great leaders in building a Republic India, we firmly stand on our principles and beliefs enriching India abiding by our core values:


Honesty in every word, transparency in every transaction, commitment to every deadline, delivery on time and incorruptibility no matter what.


Energy in every action, vibrancy in every idea, undeterred zeal, dedication till the end, enthusiasm in the face of disappointment and delight in every victory.


Constant reinvention that includes keeping up with change, leading change, quick-fire creativity along with trend-setting behavior that is a pre-requisite of a position of leadership.


Modesty that brings about uniqueness in every touch, realness in every step, service from the heart, a strong connection with roots, organic growth and a feeling of purity.

We the citizens of our great India are endowed with fundamental rights and in return are obliged to perform our fundamental duties. With this spirit of nationalism, Goel Ganga Group has established the Goel Ganga Foundation (GGF), a not-for-profit body that is committed to building India by:

  • Providing high quality education to all strata of society;
  • Setting up and running spiritual centres;
  • Empowering cultural growth and conservation;
  • Working for the preservation of the environment;
  • Creating beauty, harmony and peace in the world.

We have been proudly performing our fundamental duties since 35 years!

On this 69th Republic Day, let’s come together and pledge to perform our fundamental duties in order to commemorate the first fight for complete independence and the sacrifice of our great freedom fighters. Let us work towards building our Idea of India!

                                                                JAI HIND!