Drawing Competition

Sheeba Samuel

My favourite corner is my balcony garden. Being a nature lover I created this at home all by myself. I enjoy my tea every morning here and connect with nature. It is a therapeutic experience.

Vishakha Ghatge

No matter how crappy your day is, there is always a happy corner waiting at you home !!!

Vineeta Porwal

My Balcony is my favourite place, here I can think and relax after a long, busy day.


Hi ! I am Rajesh and This is my favourite corner in my house because here I Relaxed.

Nita Gaikwad

My favorite corner in my house is my living room ...The moment you enter it radiates so much of positive, emotional and welcoming feel to those who enter in my house.... My family and I [...]

Neeta Gaikwad

My kids favourite corner is there room, which we call as kids room, That corner is there favourite place because both want to sit there at the same time only and end up fighting for [...]

Vijay Saldanha

Being a man, a husband & father to a Lil boy, I have always enjoyed cooking. Cooking for me is not a chore but it an act of care & SELF LOVE. So the corner [...]

Supriya Santosh Kakade

स्वयंपाकगृह म्हणजे व्यायामशाळा असते ज्यामुळे आपण व आपला देह तंदुरुस्त राहतो .देव घरापेक्षाही स्वयंपाकगृह महत्त्वाचे असते . शरीर पोटावर चालते या देहातल्या देवाला नैवेद्य स्वयंपाकगृह देते .हृदयात शिरण्याचा मार्ग पोटातून जातो आणि त्याची सुरुवात स्वयंपाकगृहातून [...]

Pranali Vikas Kawale

This corner is in my room... When i just went into depression due to backlog of 1 final year paper..... So this is not just a corner but my priority.

Josephine Sequeira

The favourite corner in my home is my Balcony. I love gardening as it makes me feel close to Mother Earth, so I have kept loads of indoor plants in my balcony. When I am [...]

Pooja Pankaj Belkhade

A family gives you the roots to stand tall and strong. "Kitchen" plays an important role to make that root stronger. And that makes the "Kitchen" favorite corner for me. Thank You Ghar!!!

Deepti Nathe

Just a corner is not enough, my whole house is my heart. Thank you, Ghar.

Kavita Sharma

It is very difficult for anyone to choose ONE favorite corner of the HOUSE. It gives us memories, protection, a sense of belongingness, and what not. Dring this pandemic time our house has proven to [...]

Aditi Nautiyal

Every corner of the house have some memories. Favourite corner in the house is my tent house. This tent is with me since 4 years. The cool air passing in the tent makes me fresh [...]

Nikhil Nagtilak

My favourite hall & Kitchen because I click every pic here.

Ritesh Kurne

My favourite corner bed room bed because I love sleeping 😜

Avantika Tanak

I love our leaving room this place most reliable me bcoz I’m watching my favourite TV shows & Movie.

Lakshaman Tabe

I like my Lobby As whenever I enter my house through lobby. I feel very happy.

Kunal Mahajan

माझा आवडती जागा माझ्या घरातील अंगन कारण इथे मला माेकळीक मिळते व विचार करायला खुप वाव मिळताे...!

Amey Tanak

My favourite corner my balcony because I’m enjoying hear every movement of nature, enjoy hear coffee and more. #Thankyoughar

Mohan Mistry

I love my leaving room because this place give me stress relief...!

Suhas Bhagvate

I feel relaxed when I sit at my favourite place ..Our Sweet Home 🏡built together with peace and love..

Jyostna Ajay Deshpande

"घर असावे घरासारखे नकोत नुसत्या भिंती" किती सार्थ वाक्य आहे ना! आपण घर बुक करायला जातो तेव्हा तो फक्त एक सिमेंट विटांचा सांगाडा असतो, निर्जीव शरीरासारखा!! त्यात रहायला आपण येतो आणि आपल्या सगळ्यांच्या श्वासातूनच त्या [...]

Abel D’suza

I like this particular spot Coz I have put the sticker wonders of the world. And my dream is to travel the world..So I have tattooed my arm with traveller tattoo. This spot reminds me [...]

Amit Faye

Our favourite corner n Hall bedroom we are celebrating hear birthday anniversaries and every special movement.

Simran Shaikh

The Dining table which is placed in the corner in my kitchen holds special place in my heart and life, particularly in this lockdown pandemic it has played an important role for me. It's the [...]

Dnyaneshwar Patil

My favourite room corner is Hall because I’m enjoying here every movement with my son.


I like my kitchen.