This National Technology Day, we sat down with Mr. Amit Goel, our Director, to discuss the ways that Goel Ganga Group uses technology to create projects that deliver Pure Delight to thousands of happy customers over the past three decades. Here are the top 10 ways he listed!

  • Alu–Form Technology

The most ecofriendly construction technology, Alu form uses extremely efficient, light-weight materials that reduce the need for conservative building methods. This technology not only ensures speedy and safe construction, but also gives your home an amazing surface finish rendering the need of plastering useless. With very little wastage of material, excellent earthquake resistance and great accuracy in construction, this technology obliterates the need of timber or plywood in construction!

  • Low Flow Fixtures:

At GGG, we’re dedicated to finding ways to conserve water in order to find solutions to the water issues that have been plaguing the country. And technology has helped us do just that, in the form of low flow sanitary fixtures! Low flow toilets, urinals, showerheads, and faucets use significantly less water than conventional fixtures. On an average, a low flow toilet helps save 20,000 litres of water per year for a family of four!

  • Hybrid water heaters:

Reducing the use of electricity is something we take seriously, and therefore have installed hybrid solar heat exchange water heaters at our project. They help reduce the dependency on electricity by 50%, making it a green solution too!

  • Organic waste conversion:

Technology helped us find a solution to the growing menace of garbage disposal in Pune – the organic waste convertor that we have installed at our new project Ganga Glitz in Undri! The convertor turns inorganic waste into organic, eco-friendly compost.  With it, Ganga Glitz has become the first residential project in the Undri – NIBM area to have an organic waste management system.

  • Rain water harvesting:

In an effort to do out bit towards saving and conserving water, the Goel Ganga Foundation installed a rainwater harvesting plant in our project Ganga Satellite, one of Wanowrie’s largest and oldest societies. We’ve installed accumulating pits with prescribed procedures to collect flowing rain water and use it for lawn maintenance and maybe also as source of alternative source of water.

  • Sunlight Ingress:

The full spectrum of daylight is the best quality of natural light and if all the factors responsible are controlled correctly, ingress of sunlight stands in its optimum efficiency. In our projects, the layout of the apartments follows the Sun’s movement in order to maximize the natural light flowing in the homes. Huge 8ft windows and ventilation shafts allow for maximum amount of natural light to enter the houses rendering the use of electrical lights to a bare minimum. Voila, electricity saved by 50%!

  • Ultra silent pipes:

The sound of silence is that one true joy which these pipes have to offer! With the ultra silent pipes we install, the flow of water sounds soft and mellifluous and beautiful; instead of the rushing, turbulent sounds that other pipes provide. In addition to that is the fact that these pipes have a Green label license by World Green Building Council (WGBC) which means that the pipes are 100% recyclable and provide 100 year durability according to standard cycle test results. No rusting, not corrosion, no leaking – no more plumbers!

  • Advance technology glass fixtures:

Glass fixtures provide sustainable glazing solutions for creating light, open and airy spaces in the projects. These fixture balances light, transparency and appearance with the practical functions of thermal insulation, solar control, safety and security, acoustic insulation, fire protection, etc. We have used this glass to create an energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing option for our customers at our projects!

  • House automation:

Smart homes are the need of the hour. A home automation system controls lighting, climate, appliances, entertainment and even security and alarm systems. In our projects we have provided apps that automate the customers’ life with the “Internet of Things (IoT)” technology. The software enables intelligent wireless networking of our lights, curtains, camera, security devices and appliances together. The panels easily blend with the high end interiors and are easy to operate. It enables full control of your home from app and touch.

  • Engineered wood:

Each and every apartment in all our projects have floors that look good, feel great, work hard and last really long! Our 3 layered engineered wood provide solidity and stability to every plank while restricting the expansion and contraction of wood and giving your floor resilience to stand the test of time and climate.

Technology keeps evolving and with it our lives change too! By putting this ever changing technology to good use, we at Goel Ganga Group have always made living in one of our homes a delightful experience.

Visit any one of our sites and see for yourself how technology, when used smartly, is Pure Delight!