Makar Sankranti is an important pan-Indian solar festival, known by different names marks the beginning of warmer and longer days. It is the day when the sun heads northwards towards the Tropic of Cancer and on the day of the festival, the night and day time become equal. It is an auspicious festival which is celebrated by exchanging til-gul with our friends and family, feasting together and flying vibrant kites!

The excitement soared among the tiny tots of GGIS Atha – The preschool brand of our school GG International School as they had lots of fun making kites and decorating them.



Knowing the great significance of this colourful festival, we at Goel Ganga Group, organised Happy Skies – The Annual Kite Festival at our project Ganga Legend, Bavdhan!

Colorful kites, bright smiles, and the spirit of togetherness. Happy Skies was a day full of celebrations!

It started off with the children of GG International School joining us at Ganga Legend.

They wrote inspirational quotes and messages on the kites and put them up on the walls. It was a spectacular experience to see those brilliantly designed kites adorning the place!


The students were wonderfully engrossed in tying manjha to the kites and were super excited to fly kites with their friends. There was also a kite decorating workshop held later on.



People across the city joined us in celebrating this festival. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm in everyone who joined us in the celebrations.



We believe that togetherness is the key to happiness and we strive to make every festival a memorable one by celebrating it with people.

We are glad that Makar Sankranti was celebrated in its spirit of enlightenment, peace and prosperity.

‘Happy Skies’ made people come together, it strengthened bonds, it brought smiles on everyone’s faces. And seeing the cheer all around was Pure Delight for us all!