We at the Goel Ganga Foundation are committed to the environment and we are committed to giving back to society in meaningful and relevant ways. In the past, we have conducted various blood donation camps, have constructed various spiritual centers. In the run up to Environment Day – June 5 – and in keeping with our tradition of doing good, we began a campaign on the 19thof May gifting Tulsi, a plant of great importance, at each of our sites to all those who visit the sites.

And why the Tulsi plant?

Tulsi or as it is more commonly called, basil, is a common plant found all over India and some other South Asian countries. It is used in everything from food to medicine and is one of the most versatile plants found on the planet.

It truly is a blessing, in all the meanings of the word. Used to ward off evil spirits for ages, Tulsi has also been used as medicine in the millennia old practice of Ayurveda.

In fact, Tulsi is known…

To reduce inflammation and swelling;

Researchers in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society announced recently that “Extracts of Holy Basil were shown to reduce swelling by up to 73%, 24 hours after application.” This reduction has been compared and found similar to diclofenac, a drug used in the treatment of arthritis.

For its anti-aging properties;

According to research conducted at the British Pharmaceutical Conference, Holy Basil has properties that can prevent the “harmful effects of aging” from taking place. A team of researchers led by Dr. Shinde at the Pune University confirmed the use of Tulsi as a “youth-promotion” medicine.

For its anti-bacterial properties;

Various lab studies have proven that basil in fact possesses various anti-bacterial properties that researchers believe come from various funny-sounding oils present in it that can ward off even funnier sounding Latin-named bacteria.

As the Cancer-fighter;

Various clinical studies show that basil contains phytochemicals. Now while these may sound funny they are very important and are the cancer fighting ingredients that basil possesses that make it the medical plant that it is.

Combats stress;

Here’s a surprising one. Tulsi is a herbal medicine and acts as a natural adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress and normalize the otherwise negative effects stressors can have on a human being and our bodily processes.

To cut a long story short, why Tulsi – because it is Pure Delight!