Fact 1

One and a half acres of forest are cut down every second.

Fact 2

Soil erosion, floods, wildlife extinction, increase in global warming, and climate imbalance are just a few of the effects of deforestation.

It’s obvious that deforestation holds terrible repercussions for the future generations. It is our responsibility to increase the Earth’s green cover.

As a part of our ongoing Green Pune Campaign, Goel Ganga Foundation planted 500 trees in and around Wanowrie in a massive Tree Plantation Drive on June 5th, World Environment Day. The Foundation not only planted 500 trees, but also installed tree guards to ensure they are protected and grow properly.

In an effort to promote tree plantation, as a part of the Green Pune Campaign, starting 17thMay 2017, we have also been distributing Tulsi saplings to every person who visits any Goel Ganga sites in the city. Tulsi plants are also known for their medicinal properties and many health benefits.

Here are a few ways you can add to the green cover.

  1.       .        Plant a tree on your birthday every year.
  2.       .        Instead of buying expensive resents, gift your friends and family plants.
  3.       .       Undertake the responsibility of watering at least 5 trees in your neighbourhood.
  4.       .       Keep a seed dispenser in your terraces or balconies.


It’s up to us to save the planet, one tree at a time. It’s not enough to just adopt or plant a tree – they have to be watered, nourished and properly taken care of. Which one of these methods will YOU choose?

97% of water on Earth is salt water, and therefore, unusable. That leaves only 3% of water for all 7 billion of us. Given these figures, it’s easy to imagine that in the future, wars will be fought over water.

In an effort to do out bit towards saving and conserving water, the Foundation installed a rainwater harvesting plant in our project Ganga Satellite, one of Wanowrie’s largest and oldest societies.

GGF4Her, the women empowerment branch of Goel Ganga Foundation also conducted a water conservation workshop at Ganga Satellite. Renowned social activist Mrs. Sharmila Oswal talked to all the attendees about how they can take simple steps to reduce water wastage at home.

Glance at the headlines of any newspaper in Pune over the past many months. It’s apparent that one of the biggest problems our city is facing is waste management.

As our contribution to finding a solution to this menace, Goel Ganga Foundation installed a vermiculture pit in Ganga Satellite – creating a natural method to deal with the huge amount of waste large societies produce.

The Foundation also installed an organic waste convertor at our new project Ganga Glitz in Undri. The convertor turns inorganic waste into organic, eco-friendly compost.  With it, Ganga Glitz became the first residential project in the Undri – NIBM area to have an organic waste management system.

It’s up to US to save the planet, one green step at a time. It’s not enough to just adopt or plant a tree – they have to be watered, nourished and properly taken care of. Waste segregation, recycling and composting are easy ways to dispense of waste responsibly. Rainwater harvesting, reusing water are steps every household can take.

We can save our Earth, if we are smart and do it soon.

Let’s start NOW.

Which one of these methods will YOU choose?