At Goel Ganga Group, we’re committed to building not only communities, but also a greener, healthier Mother Earth. We continuously strive to deliver to our customers a delightfully green  living environment through the various initiatives we undertake through Goel Ganga Foundation, the CSR division of Goel Ganga Group.

This #WorldEarthDay we’ve listed down some of the top green practices which are now a matter of procedure at Goel Ganga Group.

  • Organic waste conversion

As our contribution to finding a solution to the growing menace of garbage disposal in Pune, we also installed an organic waste convertor at our new project Ganga Glitz in Undri. The convertor turns inorganic waste into organic, eco-friendly compost.  With it, Ganga Glitz became the first residential project in the Undri – NIBM area to have an organic waste management system.


  • Preserving the surface structure:

We utilize the land structure in and around our projects to the best of our abilities without disturbing the natural structure. This helps in maintaining the contours and ensures landslides do not happen. Our project Ganga Glitz in Undri is the best example of incorporating the natural slope of the ground.

  • Reuse of soil:

Top soil is preserved and utilized in landscape & plantation areas thus enhancing the green cover and maximizes the landscape programs. We’ve done our best to green as many green spaces as we could at all of our sites. The green stretches of flowering gardens in all our projects are a definitely a treat for sore eyes.

  • Rain water harvesting:

In an effort to do out bit towards saving and conserving water, the Foundation installed a rainwater harvesting plant in our project Ganga Satellite, one of Wanowrie’s largest and oldest societies . We’ve installed with accumulating pits with prescribed procedures to collect flowing rain water and use it for lawn maintenance and maybe also as source of alternative source of water.

  • Vermiculture pit:

Vermiculture or vermicompost not only benefits plants but also helps the environment at large. Use of the compost helps reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and decreases the amount of waste going to landfills. We installed a vermiculture pit in Ganga Satellite – creating a natural method to deal with the huge amount of waste large societies produce.


  • LED/ CFL lights/ Solar fittings – Reduces energy consumption

CFL/LED lamps are less expensive in the long run. They also help in reducing the CO2 emissions and are brighter than normal incandescent bulbs. Similarly, solar fittings are environment friendly and do not cause any kind of pollution.


Through these and numerous other initiatives, we at the Goel Ganga Group try and do our bit towards protecting Mother Earth and all her finite resources.

It’s not enough to just adopt or plant a tree – they have to be watered, nourished and properly taken care of. Waste segregation, recycling and composting are easy ways to dispense of waste responsibly. Rainwater harvesting, reusing water are steps every household can take.


It’s up to US to save our planet, one green step at a time. Together, let’s make it Pure Delight for all our future generations!