“A single twig breaks, but a bundle of twigs is strong.” – Tecumseh.

And that is what a family is. A bundle of twigs, woven with the strong bonds that make up the relationship we have with the people we have known since the start. Above all, there is no bond greater than that of a parent with their child and what better way to strengthen that relationship than by fostering wonder and joy in your child. And one of the best ways to do that is… paper boats. And here is why,

  1. A rainy day is gloomy. You can’t play outside, everything is damp and wet, there is no light, it gets cold and perhaps worst of all, your internet is slower than a mortally wounded snail running a double marathon with 2 ton weights tied to it. The paper boat, an innocent symbol of our childhood, teaches our children to look at the bright side of every dark situation.

     2. Creativity! The plain white paper out of which most paper boats are made is boring! Inspire your child to colour it in crazy colours, to stand out from the rest of the dreary white boats!

    3. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll pick up a thing or two about Hydrodynamics and become some of the most decorated physicists of our time?

    4. In those dark gloomy days, a paper boat can be infinite amounts of fun. There is a certain joy in knowing that that is your creation, the thing you made with your bare hands with nothing                    more  than an old piece of paper you had lying around in your drawer, sailing down that river.

    5.  A paper boat is not just for rainy days either! It is the ultimate boredom reliever and will provide literal hour of entertainment when your kids are bored. Fill up the bath and race the boats                    you  made, challenge your kids to make it better every time, to do better than you, to excel in this so they may excel in everything else in life!

These are just 5 of the many up sides of a paper boat. There are hundreds more that I cannot write about but only you can experience. So get out there, make your boats, call your children and build great memories together. And not just memories. Build joy!