It is said, without darkness, there’s no light. Similarly, without failure, there’s no success.

Failure is something we have all experienced at some point in our lives. It’s tough, demoralizing and just difficult to accept. Instead of letting it affect us, we should take it in stride, learn from it and always strive to be better. Success isn’t a destination; it is a long journey. A journey Chandrayaan-2 was so close to completing.

Chandrayaan-2 is ISRO’s second lunar mission developed to explore the moon’s south polar region. It consists of an orbiter, which is orbiting the moon successfully, lander Vikram and rover Pragyan. However, contact was lost with the lander and the world watched with hearts in their mouths as India’s hopes of becoming the first country to land on the moon’s south pole were shattered. The moon is 3,84,000 kms away from earth and of that, we covered a whopping 3,83,998 kms.

So close. Just 2.1 kilometres away from success.

For ISRO scientists, this hit like a ton of bricks. To have come so long only to have a setback at a hair’s breadth away from success was devastating. On the brighter side, ISRO is doing its best to account for what went wrong, while planning for the next orbiter missions to the moon and also to Mars and Venus, by 2022. They even plan on sending astronauts to space.

India has achieved a lot of feats and this would have added another feather to its hat. But the mission failed and it has to be accepted. Similarly, one should accept what and how things went wrong, work on them and then get back up on their feet. Failure is tiring. It may break you, especially mentally and it will feel like your whole world has come crashing down. But it is in times like these that one must fight back with all their strength and overcome a setback.
After all, nothing beats that sweet, sweet taste of success you get after coming back up from a low.

In conclusion, we can say that coming this far was no mean feat and we are proud of everyone who burnt the midnight oil to get our country where it is today. So right now it may look like a failure but it should be considered a blessing in disguise. We are now one step closer to achieving great things and one day, all our efforts will bear fruits.