Cultural diversity is the quality of a country to sustainably let multiple cultures to coexist. It is also the mutual respect cultures have for the similarities and the differences – as it is in our country. India is a culturally diverse country with thousands of distinct cultures and communities represented through the various languages, festivals, food, art form, dance and music.

We at the Goel Ganga Group believe in the beauty that lies in the cultural diversity of our country. And through our CSR division, Goel Ganga Foundation, we do our bit towards strengthening this beautiful blend!

  • Spirituality: At Goel Ganga Group, we strive to keep the faith alive through various initiatives to connect the members of our society with the spiritual side of Indian culture. GGF, in close association with ISKCON, Gayatri Parivar and many other spiritual institutions aim to get Indian society in touch with its religious and spiritual roots. The Foundation also has organised dialogues with spiritual leaders like Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and Swami Siddheshanandji who shared their valuable views with the residents of our projects.


  • Culture: We have celebrated the various popular festivals of our country with the members of our residential projects. These events bring the families together and are a great example of how festivals become even better with loved ones. Be it the Ganeshotsav, Raas Dandiya at Ganga Glitz, Undri and Glocal Square, Nagpur, Makar Sankranti at Ganga Legend, Bavdhan or Gudi Padwa and Holi at Ganga Glitz, each event displayed how whenever families come together to celebrate, the bonds between them get more stronger. Also, we constantly promote the rich culture and tradition of India every day at Chokhi Dhani, a popular village resort providing a way for families to immerse themselves in the traditions of rural culture.




  • Idea of India: The Foundation often organizes plays, lectures and public cultural celebrations to encourage people participation in promoting culture and community and national level cause. We aim at delivering the advantage of art to more and more people when we celebrate the Idea of India.


  • GGF4Her: Women are held at a pedestal position in the Indian culture. Through the Foundation, we empower the women through this online portal. It is a powerful expression of our commitment towards the uplift and security of women. Under this banner GGF has organised various events to give ladies a platform to express themselves. Events like GGF4Water at Ganga Satellite; Live Beautiful at Ganga Dham Towers the foundation has celebrated beauty, grace and Nari Shakti.






  • Maati Se: GGF partnered with Maati Se, an organisation that works towards empowering Indian artisans, and creating awareness in order to revive and promote the traditional Indian handicrafts. Through this we are striving to give the talent of rural artisans a possibility of a strong future.


There is a certain beauty in the cultural diversity prevalent in our country. This diversity has powered and enriched us for several millennia.

Through the various initiatives of Goel Ganga Foundation, we strive to sensitize the public of the differences in our Culture that actually strengthen us as a country.

At GGG we truly believe that culture widens our mind and spirit. In diversity lies true Pure Delight!