With the world surviving Covid and fighting it by taking all the essential precautions, vaccines have now made their way to drive us into the new normal of lives. The new normal with a little more safety. Let’s cover the vaccination drive for 18+ candidates held at Glocal Square Nagpur.


India has braced up to lead people on a healthier path. The beginning of paced vaccination drives has proved it. Vaccination of 45+ candidates was previously started at Nagpur, and now it’s time for our young generation 18+ to get vaccinated and contribute to a healthier India. 


The vaccination drive at Glocal Square Nagpur has now open for all 18+ candidates. This million square feet property which has been the popular shopping destination for the Nagpurkars has now become a place of relief.


In the last few weeks, the lack of vaccination centers created a scarcity of vaccination slots in Nagpur but this walk-in drive has brought relief for the people. The most relieved are professionals who are worried about missing their office and the elderly as well.

The huge area covered under Glocal Square has made the organization of this drive possible and convenient. This walk-in drive has started offering vaccine covishield for the eligible candidates in Nagpur. The candidates are supposed to get 2 doses of covishield with a gap of 12-16 weeks. 


The overall vaccine efficacy has been found to be more than 70% which is said to be fair enough to lower down the mortality rate.  


The vaccination drive Goel Ganga Group has been organized in a very professional manner taking into account the current situations. The management has made sure they offer services with safety.


Arrangements for social distancing even among the vehicles is been maintained. The larger area has made it possible to arrange the drive in a more ethical manner. The vehicles and people up for the vaccine are provided with proper sanitization by the professional team.


Though proper sanitization at place has been maintained care of arrivers is also considered important. With hundreds of people coming forward for getting vaccinated chances of contamination and spread is still there to count on.  


The vaccination drive is being carried out with all the safety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid any further. Different safety measures are, taken for the prevention and care of people up for vaccination.


With many other cities making effort, to get their people vaccinated, this initiative for the vaccine in Nagpur is bringing change. We hope this change brings back the brightness of Nagpur & Nagpurkars in a healthier way.