The nationwide lockdown that India declared since the third week of March was aimed at containing the spread of the novel coronavirus. All the factories, malls, markets, places of worship were closed down. Construction work was halted and public transport stopped plying. As the country was busy practicing social distancing and quarantine, pollution levels came down drastically. Bluer skies and fall in pollutant levels led to a cleaner environment. The lockdown has driven home how individual carbon footprints add up to the magnitude of pollution. It has provided the much-needed wake-up call to start contemplating a future with less pollution.

On a personal level, the lockdown has taught quite a few lessons to all of us. We are able to extend our sleeping hours by an hour or so, as we don’t need to commute to and from work. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest menaces we all face today. The lockdown has provided us with the opportunity to get that much-needed rest.

The first few weeks of lockdown, when the supply of essential items was limited, taught us that we can survive pretty well even when the resources are limited. We started rustling up innovative dishes even with a limited supply of vegetables. Picky eaters learned to be flexible, as they had limited choices available to them. We finally realized that we can actually maintain a decent life by living within limited means.

With the option of eating out nonexistent initially and many deciding not to order food from outside sources even when the services resumed, we all have started eating home-cooked meals cooked with less oil and fresh ingredients. The lockdown has finally put us into the habit of healthy eating. There are so many companies are hiring to employee and giving work from home or online typing jobs.

All of us have some extra time now to spend on ourselves. There is time for workouts and many are enjoying family workout sessions.

Since the domestic help is staying at home during the lockdown, we have all got the opportunity to take care of our own homes. Apart from keeping us busy, the personal involvement in the task has resulted in cleaner homes for sure.

Last but not the least, the lockdown has brought all the families together. With the parents working from home and the children not going to school, it has been the best time to bond as a family. Right from sharing household chores to doing fun activities together, the time spent together is perhaps one of the best in everyone’s life.

Though we are all bored with the lockdown by now and maybe eager to get back to a new normal life, it goes without saying that this period has had its benefits. It has made us realize the value of those things which matter the most.

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