Pune is a favorite city among the world’s leading corporations and is home to the world’s fourth-largest technology cluster. Pune has seen the most significant number of successful enterprises in the country in recent years, and it is at the forefront of India’s innovation. This is why, as a company, you must have a real presence in Pune. Here are a few pointers to help you make the best decision when looking for a suitable Best Office space in Pune.

Factors affecting CAPEX and OPEX

Whether you are an MNC or an Indian firm, it is always recommended to get Landmark office space in Pune with low upfront or ongoing costs. A completely furnished serviced office space, as opposed to a commercial space, is far more cost-effective and has a lower initial investment.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Ensure your office space in Pune is convenient to roads and the Pune Metro system.

Business Support Services

If you’re looking for large office space in Pune with 24/7 access to business assistance services like IT, HR, Marketing, legal and compliance support, concierge, and a live-cooking cafeteria, nothing beats a premium serviced office space at a renowned business center.

Goel Ganga’s exclusive commercial development is now open. This splendid project offers big office space for central business development offices in Pune.

Pune is one of the furiously sprawling cities which is growing with major IT and other exclusive businesses. Pune is one of the most livable cities in the state of Maharashtra and is ranked first in the city for the same.

The city is developing in just the IT sector, but also pharma and research companies and rooting in the city as it has connectivity with major national and international destinations. This has made it one of the most approachable cities and has aroused the interest of large companies to set up their infrastructure in Pune.

Looking into these opportunities, Goel Ganga has stepped into the market providing CBD offices in Pune. The project includes large office space in Pune city.

Any new business entering or evolving in Pune will get the benefit of number 1 office space, not just these but also landmark office space in the city which will encompass the best entities. These are situated at marked corners of the city.

These big office spaces in Pune are well connected, by numerous modes of transportation offering convenience for the employees and clients. Not just convenient for traveling, but it is in close proximity with city utilities. There are so many business sectors there or they can start a business as a teen.

The infrastructure is well equipped with modest amenities including the elevators, water and electricity supply, and backups. The security is services are well versed in facilitating the business needs.


Hence, as per Goel Ganga Group, you must ensure that the landmark building is modern and entirely safe and secure, with the best security personnel on-site at all times. High-quality construction is known to be strong enough to provide maximum safety in the event of an earthquake.