We are all passing through a difficult phase of life. The pandemic that has taken away so many lives already and forced us to stay indoors for two long months, has generated enough fear in our minds. The media is abuzz with the news of its spread. Social media is busy sharing and analyzing data. The surrounding negativity is enough to make us anxious, panicky. The social isolation, lockdown…all of which were the need of the hour to contain the spread of the virus, have taken their toll on our minds. Many of us are ending up doing or saying things, which we may not consider appropriate in normal circumstances. Man is a social animal after all! How long can he remain cocooned at home, worrying for himself? The time has come now to go back to the new normal life. Some of you might have already started going to the office. Some might have started socializing too. The fact remains that though we need to go back to our previous routine now, taking certain precautions to keep the virus attacks away, how would we react to it emotionally? Some of us might be so frightened already that they may suspect the rest of the world of passing on the virus to them. Some would not be comfortable in visiting a hospital even when there is an urgency. Some might be scared to board a public vehicle. Then there would be the self-declared dare-devils, who would flout all norms and put people in danger. It’s as if the virus knows them personally and would keep itself away!
We suggest that you remove unnecessary fear from your mind first. The harsh reality is that the virus is going to remain and life cannot remain standstill forever. The best thing is to follow all the precautionary measures laid down by the Government authorities. Wear masks, carry sanitizers, maintain the necessary distance when you are going out. Sticking to the norms would help you in fighting the virus menace. Getting bogged down by panic is not going to help. Stress reduces immunity and this is the time to keep your immunity at its best. So, getting stressed is not desirable at all. Removing the fear of what if’s is the key to fight this battle. Stay motivated. Motivate others. These are the keys to stay safe.

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