Luxury Homes”! You must be coming across this term quite often these days. Almost every real estate developer comes up with at least a few projects that claim to be having luxury homes. Have you wondered what all features make a house a luxury home? It is important for a buyer to know what it means in this country. You must know what you can expect when you are paying a premium after all.

Here are a few pointers for you on this.

  • Location – A luxury property should be located in a coveted location. Other than being well connected, the location should be such that people would aspire to have a home there.
  • Décor – Lavish apartment interiors, often inspired by global architecture or well-known monuments, are distinctive features of a luxury project. Novelty adds to its value.
  • Layout – Space or rather, smartly utilized space is what makes luxury homes unique. Open plan, spacious rooms, sit-outs with a great view add to the value of the house.
  • Smart Home features – Smart features like motion sensors, smart thermostats, curtains that operate on sunlight, etc add to the uniqueness of luxury homes.
  • Lavish amenities – Amenities like the infinity pool, mini theatres, promenade, gazebo, fitness centers, etc offer a lifestyle that is luxurious. No wonder these are part of any luxury project.
  • High-end Kitchen- A kitchen with top-class gadgets is what one can expect in a luxury home.
  • Safety and security features – Luxury homes come with security features like smart locks, CCTV surveillance, fire and smoke alarms, and much more.
  • Others – A personal elevator that opens to the entrance of your opulent home is one of the most popular features of a luxury property. Other features like wooden flooring etc are a must in luxury homes. If you are looking for luxury homes for yourself in Pune, we, at Goel Ganga Group, have a few great options for you. We have exclusive apartments planned at Boat Club Road, the most luxurious neighborhood in the city. These 3 and 4.5 BHK premium residences might be the best luxury option you get. We also have ultra-luxury apartments available in Gangadham Towers in Bibewadi. You get to choose from 3.5, 4.5 to 5.5 BHK lavish apartments here. For smaller apartments, you may think of Ganga Asmi, which offers 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments.