One of the biggest perils of modern-day urban living is the lack of ample space. Gone are those days, when people had spacious dwellings that could house large families. Space crunch and a sharp rise in property rates have resulted in almost all of us settling for smaller spaces.

Trying to decorate small spaces is like trying to solve an extremely challenging puzzle. Scratch that! It is like trying to achieve an impossible target. You try to fit in all you need in the space you have. At the same time, the rooms shouldn’t look cramped and cluttered. What an ordeal indeed!

Truly speaking, it is not that difficult if you do some intelligent planning and designing. Let us discuss some options here.

  1. Try to keep the floor clean. Being able to walk freely in a room generates a feeling of space. Try to have wall lamps instead of floor lamps. You may think of using floating furniture pieces too.
  2. Consider installing furniture which can be folded up while not in use. Folding dining tables or work tables come in very handy. You can even use folding walls to conceal clutter.
  3. Lighting plays a very significant role in small spaces. Add plenty of light sources, if the rooms lack natural light. Striking ceiling lights can add some jazz to the room decor. Table lamps can work wonders for dark corners.
  4. Usage of mirrors adds a special dimension to small rooms. The reflections in the mirrors create an illusion of space and add an effect of free flow.
  5. Choose the color shades judiciously. A combination of shades can create a dramatic effect.
  6. A small space should be decorated in a cohesive manner. Make sure that the pieces you choose fit with each other and do not create a feeling of clutter.
  7. Choose furniture that can play several roles. For example, you can buy a sofa that can be opened up as a bed for sleeping. Go for beds with built-in drawers, benches with storage spaces below.
  8. Play with the sizes and shapes while decorating. Small space doesn’t necessarily mean you can only use pint-size furniture. You can go for a few statement pieces chosen carefully. The idea is to make an impression with minimum clutter.
  9. Make sure to use the spaces between the tops of furniture and ceiling. We often tend to under-utilize vertical space, which, if properly used, can make the room look higher and spacious.
  10. Opening up views can also look great while decorating small spaces. You may choose to swap wooden doors for glass ones or one or two brick walls for glass ones. This makes space look larger.

So, all set to decorate? Remember, you may not be having a sprawling apartment, but you can always manage to have a stylish home if you decorate it smartly. Happy living!


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