Decorating homes is not about mere aesthetics. It is also about psychology. The psychology of interior! What does that mean? It basically refers to the effect your home décor has on you.

Though the topic of interiors and human minds have gained attention in the last few years, this concept is thousands of years old. The Vaastu Shastra or the Feng Shui is nothing but practices of decorating homes in ways that would exude positive vibes all around. There had been plenty of research on this in the recent past. Scientists have been able to prove that interior design has immense ability to evoke positive or negative emotions in people. From the size of a room to utilization of space, color shade to lighting…every aspect of décor has its impact on the human mind.

As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is. Homes are your ultimate refuge, where you can take things easy. It’s where you kick your shoes off and get into your old worn-out clothes after a tiring day. Now, to relax, you also need a surrounding that is positive and comfortable, right? That’s where the décor comes into the picture. It should be done in a way that makes you feel happy, comfortable, proud, and safe.

Factors like colors, spaciousness, lighting, shape have a deep impact on one’s mood. Take the example of spaciousness. It has been observed that a higher ceiling can help people being more creative. Low ceiling heights often give a feeling of confinement, which affects your mind. Clean lines and a feeling of openness also evoke a feeling of freedom that makes you happy and comfortable.

Colors are known to act as mood enhancers too. We relate certain colors to our emotions. We feel blue, turn green with envy, or think pink. These are the perceptions that are already embedded in our minds. Rooms, painted with vibrant shades, are known to lift moods up, whereas darker shades can make one feel gloomy. A mix of warm, cool, and dark shades, if applied intelligently, can have a wonderful effect on anyone entering a room.

Lighting is another important aspect that impacts your mind. We hear a lot about “mood lighting” these days. It is nothing but a concept to have lights that can be adjusted with mood. Natural light is a natural mood enhancer any day. A room with warm sunlight always makes you happy and cheerful. Then one may prefer low lights while chilling out and bright lights for partying or entertaining guests. It’s again a game of mix and match, which would help you to create the right setting.

They say that we are known by our homes. Your home decor says a lot about who you are. It is a proliferation of your personality. But then, your home should also be decorated in a way that promotes a good mood.

Decorate your home keeping these facts in mind. Finally, it’s where you are expected to chillax!