The history of shopping perhaps goes back to the time when man started using the barter system. It has always been an activity that has been about enjoyment as much as necessity. How people shop, changed, and grew with time though. From simple open markets to individual shops to plush shopping malls, the retail business has evolved throughout history and especially in the last century and a half.

The scenario is no different in India. With a market that is expected to witness a reach of USD 111 billion by 2024, retail business in India has also evolved with time. Shopping has no longer remained just a buying and selling activity. It has become an experience that involves much more than simply going somewhere and buying what you are looking for. Today, all the large cities in India have shopping malls that can be easily compared with the malls we get to see in Western countries. These malls play the role of a shopping cum entertainment hub, where people love to hang out.

Sitabuldi in Nagpur has been the center of retail business in Central India for more than a couple of centuries. All renowned local brands have their outlets here. However, lack of space has turned the area into an extremely congested one over the years. The roads are choc-a-block with traffic, pedestrians, shoppers, hawkers, and the shops themselves. There is no space available to park vehicles and do your shopping with a relaxed mind.

To create a shopping destination of global standards in Nagpur, we decided to develop Glocal Square Mall in Sitabuldi, in our iconic World Trade Centre building. Standing right at Sitabuldi Metro Interchange, this mall occupies the first five floors of the building and offers an ambiance of global standards.

Glocal Square Mall is not only Central India’s largest shopping mall, but it also provides, both the shoppers and the sellers, with the comfort of the highest standard. With a strategic location and direct connection from Sitabuldi Metro Interchange at Level 2, it is spread over a million square feet of space and has floor-wise zoning for joyful shopping. A few features that make it a unique shopping destination are

  • Ample parking on every floor with total parking space for 1500 cars and 2000 two-wheelers.
  • 4 car lifts, 9 passenger lifts, 32 escalators for free movement
  • Mini food court on every level
  • Conveniences include wheelchairs for the aged, ATM on every floor, a first aid center, and much more.
  • Huge food court and entertainment area

No wonder the place is expected to see a footfall of 2.5 lakhs. This is no common mall, but one where one gets to enjoy the experience to the fullest. This is our endeavor to be “Vocal for Local”. We wanted to give a space for all local brands to grow and local shoppers to enjoy. If you are a local brand, this is the address that is going to make your business see exponential growth. In case you have not taken space here already, call us on 020 6767 0000 before all are taken.