June 1st has seen the entire country moving towards a phased withdrawal of lockdown. Some relaxations have happened, some will happen soon. Though life is slowly returning to normalcy, it is the new normal we need to embrace now. Most of us, who were otherwise not the anxious type, are anxious now. We are missing the past normal, kind of clueless about what the future holds for us and also worried about getting infected. We are at a puzzling crossroad now. Whichever route we choose, it is difficult to follow.

Let us continue to control what we can. Two months of self-discipline has taught us how to take care of ourselves and our families. Let us continue to do that to the extent possible. Let us stick to online buying, online banking and measures that help us maintain the necessary social distance.

Let us ignore the things that are out of our control. It’s hard indeed! But is it going to help if we worry about a person wandering in the shopping mall without a mask? No! There is no point in getting livid about the person’s insensitivity or carelessness. Let us rather appreciate our sensibilities and continue to take the necessary precautions.

Some areas like travel, education etc will take a long time to come to some stability. Flying may be taken up only if it is absolutely necessary. It would take months for tourism to resume its earlier pace. Same goes for the schools may be. Online classes are expected to continue for some time now.

It seems that the pandemic has reduced the demand for fuel by almost a third. This has adversely impacted the fossil fuel industry. While some usage will be there, this is also an opportunity for the world to move towards more use of renewable energy.

Post Covid 19 era is also about strictly adhering to personal hygiene. Nodding and waving instead of shaking hands are going to be the order of the day.

The pandemic has also brought into light that the world needs to improve its food supply chains. Encouraging local production to take care of shortage is very much needed.

Let us understand that there is no going back at this juncture. The pandemic has changed our lives for good. We can only move forward embracing the changes that are going to remain with us forever. We have started to go to work. Children will also start going to school in a few months. Let us get used to the new normal fast, which will keep us going strong.