Location! It is perhaps the most important factor that decides the value of a property. It is actually found to be dictating almost everything about it. And, it is of utmost importance not only for the seller but for the buyer too. While buying a property, you are committing yourself to an investment for quite a few years. You would also expect it to fetch you good returns if you wish to sell it off later. If your property is in a good locality, you need not think twice about either staying there or selling the property later. The location itself would add to the value of your property.

As a guide to the home buyers, we are here to share a few cool neighbourhoods of Pune. These localities are perhaps the best ones today to invest in.

The first of this series is Kharadi.

Located on the eastern side of Pune on the banks of the Mula-Mutha river, Kharadi is one of the fastest-growing localities of Pune today. With the EON Free Zone and Special Economic Zone here, making it one of the hubs for the corporate giants, it is also a preferred location for its connectivity and the amenities available.

The area is about 12 km from the city centre with the airport at a distance of around 8 km and the railway station at 9 km. Located near the Pune-Ahmedabad state highway, it is well connected by bus, cabs and auto-rickshaws. It has a few other business hubs like Magarpatta Cybercity nearby. Its rapid growth has also seen quite a few star hotels coming up in the area, which is excellent for both business travelers and tourists.

Kharadi is well equipped with good shopping options, gymnasiums and tennis courts. There are numerous restaurants to suit every pocket. All major banks have their branches here. There are a few well-known hospitals in the area to cater to your health needs. Schools and educational institutions are there aplenty.

Kharadi has seen exponential growth in the last few years. It is one of the leading residential neighbourhoods in the city of Pune today. The real estate rates have gone up but still remained realistic unlike many other areas in the city.

If you are planning to buy a property of your own, we suggest you check out Kharadi. It is surely a great place to invest and stay in.