Urban life today is mostly about people living in gated communities. With space crunch in cities and soaring property prices, very few can afford to have standalone properties for themselves.

Community living entails its own pros and cons. It is safe and enjoyable, but also adds some responsibilities on your shoulders. You need to remember that your actions not only impact you or your family, they also impact the community you live in.

The current pandemic has changed the course of our lives for good. Not only we need to take precautions to keep ourselves safe, but we also need to think of our neighbors too and ensure that they do not suffer for the mistakes we commit.

The gated communities today are facing challenges in this regard. It is difficult to keep things under control if the residents do not cooperate with each other. Fighting a pandemic needs each person to be socially responsible after all.

We thought of listing down a few things, which would make community life better in these tough times. Here they are :

  1. It is always better to keep the community management body informed if you have symptoms of the Covid-19 attack and are getting tested. This would ensure that they can take the necessary precautions for the rest of the residents.
  2. If a family has one active patient, the rest of the members should follow the necessary protocols and isolate themselves for the required period. They should not call their house-helps to work. In most gated communities, a house help works at more than one house. So, not only they will be exposed to the virus, their families, and other residents of the community would also be affected.
  3. If a Covid-19 patient needs to visit the doctor during the quarantine period, it is better to inform the community management body, so that lifts, etc. can be sanitized after use.
  4. There are numerous cases of secondary exposures these days, where people are forced to isolate themselves because of a neighbor or a colleague getting affected. In that case, they should refrain from going out for walks or other activities.
  5. Wearing masks and maintaining social distance are mandatory requirements today. Flouting these rules means putting yourself and others at risk.

Community living is about being together and enjoying the companionship of each other. A community is usually like one big family with the members staying in different households. It is imperative that you lead a life that is safe and healthy for both yourself and your neighbors. Fight the pandemic together like responsible citizens.