Canadian thinker Matshona Dhliwayo once said, “A small garden is worth more to its owner than an entire forest.” So true! Almost all of us love having gardens of our own. Whatever be its size, a patch of greenery does lift our moods up whenever we set foot on it. Unfortunately, gone are those when people could afford to have large gardens of their own! Urban life is mostly confined to apartment living. Hence balconies or terraces are the only spaces available to us to set up our gardens.

Setting up a balcony or terrace garden is not very easy though. You need to try your best to utilize the space is available to you. You also need to understand the natural conditions of the space available. If your balcony doesn’t get much sunlight, you need to choose the plants accordingly. If it is flooded with sunlight, then you need to choose the ones suitable for those conditions. The choice of plants should be as per the natural conditions prevalent in the space, as otherwise, they would just not survive.

Choosing plants is a big task indeed! Balconies at lower levels usually receive limited sunlight. We suggest you choose plants like ferns, orchids, etc that thrive in shaded conditions for such a space. Balconies that receive strong winds should not have plants with thin stems. Choose plants like geraniums for spaces that receive harsh afternoon sunlight. There are some plants that require morning sunlight. Choose them only if your balcony receives sunlight in the morning. For enclosed balconies, go for indoor plants.

If space available to you for gardening is limited, you can think of going for a vertical garden. Vertical gardens with drip irrigation look beautiful. They are low in maintenance too. Small potted plants look pretty in small-sized gardens like these. You can even think of using planters that can be hooked on to the balcony railing and keep the floor uncluttered.

For large-sized balconies, you can think of setting up a pergola to sit and relax. Creepers and vines can be used to create a private section. Vertical gardens can also act as space dividers. A seating arrangement here can help you relax after a busy day.

Having a garden of your own, however small it be, is therapeutic and adds a freshness to your home. Use these balcony gardening ideas and see your tiny space bloom.