Retail business has witnessed a sea change in India in the last decade or so. Gone are those days, when people used to go to a particular shop to buy an item. Those were usually local brands with standalone shops, whose fame reached people mostly by word of mouth. Rapid urbanization saw shopping malls growing like mushrooms in every city and town. Shoppers started to prefer going to these places for the comfortable experience they offered. Today, the majority of shoppers go only to malls, which provides more of an outing experience than shopping for them.

If you are a retailer, you have surely experienced all these evolutions happening around you. Choosing the right type of business space plays a major role in how your business fares in the long run. If you have continued with your standalone space so far, it is time to think about your future and make a shift now.

The major positive points of having your outlet in a shopping mall are as follows.

  1. Your business gets high visibility, as shopping malls always experience higher numbers of footfall. Exposure to multiple customers without spending extra on advertising works as a marketing strategy by itself.
  2. Every mall comes up with marketing campaigns of its own. This enables you to take part and enjoy exposure through the mall’s advertising and promotional events.
  3. Mall retail spaces are always designed to display your merchandise in a better way.
  4. The mall management takes care of the repairs, maintenance, and security of the setup, which is a big plus for you as a retailer.
  5. Having your outlet in a shopping mall reduces your responsibilities of providing weather-related amenities like parking space etc and landscaping.
  6. Retail spaces in malls are usually smaller in size and consume less power, though visibility is more than a big standalone setup.

The type of location you choose to operate your retail outlet from is definitely up to you. However, having your outlet in a popular shopping mall has numerous advantages that can help your business grow by a few notches. Time to take the right decision! What do you say?