The pandemic this year has brought in a huge change in our lives. While festival dates are hovering near, we are all stuck at home, wondering how to celebrate the joyous occasions within the four walls of our homes. All of us are already bored with being at home for the last few months. No wonder, celebrating festivals at home are not sounding interesting at all. But then, considering the situation around us, we need to follow the order of the day and be at home, even though we are not feeling like doing it.
Why don’t we think of getting a small makeover done for your home to bring the festive mood in? A few tweaks here and there, a bit of re-decoration can actually lift up your spirit. We have come up with a few small tips that would help you in planning for it.
1. Fill your home with bright colors. Bring out all the colorful bed linen, potteries, souvenirs you might have kept stashed away for future use. You can even plan to buy a few that can add that dash of color you are looking for. Reframe a few old photographs and place them to remind you of the stories you cherish.
2. Now is perhaps the time to buy a few home accessories. Go for that vase you were eyeing for long. Maybe the lamp you wanted can get added too. Place them at prominent corners to pep up your rooms. One or two dramatic pieces can definitely increase the glamour quotient by a few notches.
3. Now, with the monsoon gone, keep the windows open to let sunlight and air in. Let the dampness dry up to add freshness.
4. You may think of using fragrances and candle diffusers at various parts of the house. Use fresh flowers in your decoration. All these are sure to create a magical ambiance for you.
5. Rearrange the furniture to give a new look to the rooms.

These few simple steps can help you in bringing in the festive vibe. We are sure that these added by your own ideas would make your festival days bright and shining. Stay safe. Enjoy the festive season to the fullest.