Shopping! It is part and parcel of urban life. Thanks to the country’s economic growth, shopping malls have covered the length and breadth of India today. They occupy prominent places in the configuration of all large and small cities. In short, we have all been caught by the quintessential mall fever. Whether you spend hours browsing and comparing prices or love to buy whatever catches your eye, shopping is an important part of your daily life.

Have you ever shopped when you are emotionally low or stressed? If yes, you must be familiar with the mood boost that results from making a purchase or just by having a stroll in the shopping mall, window-shopping. Many of us love to frequent shopping malls even when we don’t have anything particular to buy, right? The very visit makes us happy.

Well, this is what retail therapy is all about. Studies have shown that shopping does work as stress busters at times. Unplanned shopping is sure to lift your mood up. Even resisting the urge to buy helps people in feeling good about themselves. Also, mood enhancement lasts well past the activity.

Why is retail therapy beneficial? Here are a few reasons:
1. Shopping gives you the chance to imagine, plan, and be creative.
2. Feelings of stress and anxiety often stem from feelings of powerlessness. Choosing something while buying or even choosing not to buy makes people feel in control.
3. Buying something for a loved one generates a feeling of warmth.
4. Buying something for yourself is self-nurturing. It gives you comfort like no other.
5. Going for shopping gives you a chance to go out and leave your anxiety behind. It is a much-needed distraction to keep you calm.
6. Sometimes physical items provide us the confidence to face the world.

These small factors play big roles in keeping you happy and healthy.

Engaging in retail therapy does not mean that you would end up overspending. There is a fine line between retail therapy and compulsive buying. In fact, research has shown that most of the people indulging in retail therapy stay well within their budget.

So, next time you visit a shopping mall, and buy something that has caught your eye, do not feel guilty. Yes, make sure you do it in moderation. As we all know, anything done in excess does not end well. Buying something once in a while just to make yourself happy is actually good for your mental health. Just make sure to stay within your means and reflect on your past purchases before deciding. Finally, you are the one, who would need to decide your limits, right?