“Vocal for Local”! We are all aware of this campaign aimed at changing the country’s economy. The call, quite similar in line with the Swadeshi movement of the yesteryears, when the freedom fighters had urged the populace to get rid of anything British, has been the talk of the media for quite a while now. A needs popular expression today, we need to understand why and how this to be practiced at this juncture.

Let us start with what the expression means in reality. It is all about being Indian and buying Indian. In today’s scenario of a globalized economy, whatever we buy may or not be getting produced in our own country. The competition is cut-throat and we definitely tend to go for the options that are pocket friendly. How many of us check the source of a product while buying it anyway? Very few maybe.

In the current scenario, when the country’s economy is in crisis because of the pandemic, it is our duty as citizens to support its production chain. It is our production facility, which needs an immediate boost. This can happen only when there is an increased demand for local products. Items produced in India are equal, if not better, in quality.

As citizens, what can we do now? Let us list out a few steps, which we can take to support this.

a) Check the source of any product you are buying while checking its price and expiry date. Give preference to the items made in India.
b) Try to buy locally produced vegetables and other food items. This would help the local producers to sustain their business.
c) Buy groceries from your local grocers.
d) Buy clothes or fabric produced in this country.
e) Go to your local retailers for all your purchase needs.

A few simple actions like these from our ends can help the country rebuild its economy. Let us all be responsible citizens and work towards being self-reliant…a true Atmanirbhar Bharat!