A home is incomplete without a kitchen. No matter what size it is, a kitchen plays a very important role in our daily life. Gone are those days, when it was a small space used only for rustling up meals. Things have changed over the decades. The kitchen is more of a utilitarian room that serves as a family gathering space today. It is the next popular space after the living room, where the family spends a lot of time. So, apart from the appliances and utensils to cook, today’s kitchen areas have comfortable seating arrangements, storage areas and even spaces for work units.

Not all of us have sprawling kitchen areas that resemble a football field though. Modern living is more about limited space. The utilization of that space is of utmost importance. No wonder you need to toy with organizing ideas so that you don’t lose even an inch of the space you have.

We recommend a few ideas, which might help you in organizing your kitchen in a better way.

For example, small kitchen areas come with less counter space. If you have a tiny counter, you can think of building a butcher block board on the side. It can also be part of a drawer, which can slide in.

Vertical storage comes in very hand if you have limited space in your kitchen. Organize the pantry in the supermarket-style. Put the new boxes behind the already opened ones. This way you can follow the concept of “first in first out”.

Get your kitchen furnished with removable drawers that can be used to store table linens to kitchen napkins, cutleries to utensils. Drawer dividers work well in storing cutleries and utensils as per their sizes and shapes. To store vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated, use drawers with removable bins.

Storing knives and kitchen utensils on a magnetic strip on the wall looks cool. You may store the pots and pans right above your cooking range so that they are easily reachable. Hang the often-used utensils on the back of a door or cabinet door. That would save space in your drawers.

Simple ideas can save a lot of space and keep your kitchen organized. And we all know, how an organized space always exudes welcoming vibes! You can use colourful table covers and flowers to brighten up space further.

So, all set to give your kitchen a neat look? Happy organizing!