Kids and well-kept homes! Do they go together ever? They do. Provided the home be designed keeping the kids in mind, of course. The fact remains that when you have kids at home, it is quite difficult to keep it tidy and beautiful. From crayon scribbles on walls to toy clutter, spilled food to unwanted scratches on the furniture, you can expect all of these, when you have children, especially toddlers and pre-schoolers, at home. The best thing is to incorporate certain features in your home décor, which would make your home kid-friendly and make it look beautiful too.
The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to think practically while decorating a home with children. You need to make your choices keeping in mind that the items you choose may face rough handling. We suggest you go for durable options that are easy to clean. That way you do not need to worry about stains and spills.
If you have older children, you may think of involving them in deciding the décor of your home. Their artworks, family photographs of their choice can adorn the walls. This would allow them to be more involved with household matters. They would also feel responsible to keep the home tidy.
If you have a toddler at home, make sure to go for furniture without sharp corners. That way, even if your child bumps into them, he would not get hurt.
Children love to pull cushions off the sofas and play with them. To make your living space look organized, try to choose fixed cushion sofas.
Go for semi-gloss paint to get the kids’ area painted. These are very easy to wash. This way, even if your child ends up using the wall as a scribbling board, it would be easy for you to wash off chalk, crayon, or marker marks.
Go for closed storage for everything, right from clothes to toys. Ample storage would make your home look organized and neat.
You can think of giving your child a small corner in the house where he can explore his creativity. This means a space of his own, where he can spend all his spare time. Make sure to use durable material for the countertop, as it is likely to be both used and abused.
We suggest that you do not use carpets with little children around. You may think of using carpet tiles or vinyl flooring instead. Those would give a classy look to your home and would last through the years.
A child’s laughter is perhaps the best sound to hear. However, yes, keeping a home beautiful with a child in tow is difficult. Incorporating these features are definitely going to make your home look tidy, warm, and welcoming.