Come monsoon, all of us start getting a tad worried about our health. The season brings the much-awaited relief from the summer heat, rejuvenating the earth. However, it also brings infections and ailments that keep on bugging us. We start getting bouts of viral fever, stomach infections, and what not! It’s always better to take precautions so that we can enjoy the romanticism of the rains to the fullest.

One of the must-do things in monsoon is to increase immunity. Include a lot of Vitamin C in your diet. Eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables, oranges, and other citrus fruits to keep your immunity strong. This would help in fighting viral and bacterial attacks.

Monsoon is the ideal time for microorganisms to thrive. Incubating in puddles and potholes, they make street food their homes. Avoid street food during this season. This step would help you in keeping your gut healthy.

Another menace we face during the monsoon is mosquitoes. Stagnant water is their ideal breeding ground. Avoid storing water without cover at home. Keep your kitchen and bathrooms dry to avoid these nasty insects.

All of us love to get drenched in the rain. A walk or a dance refreshes our minds like no other. Do remember to wash your hands and feet thoroughly after you return. If possible, take a warm bath adding disinfectant. This will take care of your skin from getting affected by any microorganism.

Monsoon is the perfect season for molds to develop. The damp weather contributes to this problem. It is better to iron all your clothes before keeping them in the cupboards. Since you can’t air them during the rain, this is the best way to avoid mold menace.

If you get drenched on your way to the office or home, make sure to dry yourself thoroughly before entering an airconditioned room. The cold drafts from the air-conditioners can cause havoc to your health otherwise. Also, avoid wearing wet shoes throughout the day, as that may also make you catch a cold.

Monsoon is the season when allergies can get severe. Take all the necessary precautions and keep the prescribed medications handy.

Thoroughly scrub the fruits and vegetables this season, as dirt and germs tend to remain stuck to the skins. Avoid having raw food. It is better that you stick to cooked stuff.

Last but not the least, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and maintaining personal hygiene are not to be forgotten. These are the basics of staying healthy in any season.

So, all set for the rains? Take proper care of yourself and enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest.