The first thing that strikes all of you while and after buying a home is how to decorate it to perfection. Perfection as per your imagination, of course! The same thought starts bugging you once you decide to give your old home a facelift. Redecorating a home is not easy at all. Whatever stage you might be in…decorating a new home or redecorating an old one, it is a humongous task to decide on how to go about it. Striking the right balance between look, budget and of course, comfort, is an ordeal by itself.

What is your preference by the way? Are you someone who goes by the trend? Or, are you a believer in timeless appeal? We suggest you blend the two so that your home doesn’t lose its appeal even after a few years. You are not going to decorate or redecorate it every year, right?

Remember, home is finally our ultimate refuge. So, the first aspect you need to consider while decorating it is comfort. It might be easy to make a museum out of it by decorating it with expensive antique pieces and stuffing it with furniture. Ask yourself first, whether that would be comfortable for you and your family. A museum is a showhouse to be visited once in a while. A home is where you would spend a large part of your life. So, comfort should be your first priority.

The expensive furniture and showpieces you choose for the décor should have a timeless appeal. Choose neutral colours and designs, which are likely to blend with any kind of décor. For example, you cannot replace room tiles very often or an expensive piece of furniture just after a year or two. Even if you can afford the expense, the hassle would be too much to take anyway. So, it is better to choose neutral options for the items, which are likely to remain with you for the next few years. Trendy pieces and finishes can be used as accents.

Keep in mind that clean lines, minimalistic designs and vintage pieces never go out of fashion. Use these intelligently to add variety and beauty to your home. Also, do not choose items only just as per trend or their timeless appeal. Choose things that appeal to you personally. You should feel happy whenever you look around. It should be a space that represents your personality.

Incorporate a few dashes of colour here and there to give a feeling of positivity. These colours would shine bright in the neutral backdrop of your home and would leave a lasting impression on you and the visitors.

Home is where the heart is. Put your heart in decorating your home. Make it your most favourite space on earth.