Working from home is a concept that has been in practice for some time now. People working in the IT industry and a few others have already made it a practice for themselves. The rest of the workforce was still not so conversant with the concept until the COVID 19 pandemic hit the entire world. Most of the enterprises decided to shut down their office spaces as a safety measure and a huge chunk of the world’s workforce started working from home. Perhaps this would be the order of the day for many until the virus gets contained. The good part of this practice is that you spend less time commuting and have a personal space with fewer distractions. However, converting a home to an office is no joke either. You need a proper setup for yourself and of course, support from the rest of your family, to effectively function every day.

Let us first decide on what you need to set up a home office for yourself. Choose the location carefully. Remember, you may need to do video calls with your colleagues and clients. Let the space have ample natural light and be away from distractions. You need a comfortable chair to sit on and a desk, where you can place your laptop and other work devices. You would also need a high-speed internet connection to work effectively. Follow ergonomic rules while setting up the office space. Place the furniture in such a way that you don’t end up slouching or sitting at odd angles. Keep a plant or two on your desk. Not only that would add a splash of colour, but would also add freshness. You can choose to paint the corner in a colour shade that lifts your mood.

There are certain unwritten rules that need to be followed when you work from home. Keeping living areas and work area separate is the first requirement. Your brain should associate the workspace with work and productivity, not with sleep and rest. Buy a separate computer for home use. Try to maintain a particular working hour for yourself. Working from home definitely allows you the flexibility to work anytime you want, but keeping a fixed schedule would improve productivity and help you in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Keep your office space organized and ready. This would improve your output largely.

Last but not the least; come to an agreement with your family on your working hours and familial duties. If your spouse is also working from home, you would need to share the household duties among yourselves. Draw up a routine, so that both of you can carry out your duties productively both at home and at work.

All set for the new routine? We wish you all the best! Make your home your new workplace and stay safe.