“You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once”, so goes a Polish proverb. And how true it is! With all of us busy with the daily drill of balancing career, home, and other duties, we are hard-pressed for time to spend with family. Children grow up before we are even able to comprehend how to bring them up! Hence, it is absolutely necessary for all of us to spend quality time with our families. Spending time together makes the familial bonds stronger. It’s an investment you do to keep your family happy and healthy.

The current lockdown has brought in something positive for all. It sure has enabled us to spend more time with our families. Working from home has brought down the commuting time to zero. Lack of other social engagements has also freed up time for us to spend with our families. You can plan your days in such a way that you can share all the meals with your family instead of just dinner. You can play several games, watch movies, and plan a plethora of activities to be done together.

Think of having game nights often now. Play cards or board games like carrom, monopoly, or something else that involve all the members of your family. You can also play dumb charades, spelling bee etc., games that add to your children’s knowledge. Plan movie nights together. Introduce your children to the movies you enjoyed as a child. Also, watch the films they love to watch. Plan to cook together. Let each one of you take part and rustle up a delicious meal. You may also plan to redecorate a few corners together. Why don’t you plan dance sessions for your entire family? Play the music all of you enjoy and dance together. You may also have workout sessions in a similar fashion.

We suggest you utilize this lockdown period by connecting with your family as much as possible. Leave aside your iPad or mobile phone. The virtual world can take a back seat now. Skip a few television shows you watch. Instead, play a game of cricket or football in your backyard with your children. Read books together. Have storytelling sessions. Share the memories you cherish the most.

The options to connect with your loved ones are plenty, you see. You just need to choose the right ones and get going.