Modern life is all about racing against time. Managing work and home leave little space for an individual to take care of oneself. There is hardly any time to spend on one’s health…both physical and mental. The results are disastrous for many. People are ending up with chronic disorders that make their daily existence meaningless. The society is experiencing a surge in lifestyle diseases that prove to be fatal at times.

It is better to follow the old adage, “Prevention is better than cure”, to avoid this deadly trap of lifestyle disorders. Studies have shown that small changes in daily routine go a long way to keep you healthy.

Starting the day early is one of the key ways to keep yourself physically fit. Have a glass of water before you grab your morning cup of tea or coffee. This will ensure that you don’t get dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water on your desk while working. Regular intake of water keeps you hydrated and ensures that you don’t feel fatigued or defocused. Take a morning walk or indulge in a short exercise session that would keep you energetic throughout the day. Try to cook your own meals. This would ensure that you are eating healthy. If your work needs you to sit in front of a computer, remind yourself to take breaks and take a short walk around. This keeps your muscles working and your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. For mindful eating, eat without distractions and savour the taste of your food. These are said to encourage healthy eating habits and relieve stress.

Physical health is always complemented by mental health. You need to be happy to keep your body fit. Constructive thoughts, acting on intents, and creating strong relationships with people around are a few ways to keep yourself happy. Always mind your mind. If you tend to have negative thoughts, it’s time to reboot your thought process. Refrain from comparing your life with others. There will always be someone around you, who is more successful. Instead, try to find the real meaning of your own life. If you wish to act on something, do it for yourself, not because you are competing with someone else. Spend time with yourself. This gives you opportunities to introspect and act accordingly. Spend more time with real people than virtual buddies. Speaking to a long-lost friend over the phone or spending quality time with your partner can light up your day. Fight the obsession of being right. It might assuage your ego, but you may end up ruining valuable relationships in the process.

As you see, inculcating small habits can help you in keeping yourself strong, both physically and emotionally. It’s time to act. Incorporate these small changes in your daily life for the big impact.