With the advent of the Corona virus menace, a term that is popping up time and again is “hoarding”. Almost everyone seems to have turned into a hoarder overnight. Have we ever thought what exactly makes us hoarders?

A person hoards when he or she thinks that an item will be useful in future. No wonder, the moment the news of the impending lockdown came, people rushed to the departmental stores and literally emptied the store racks. Did they need all the items they bought? Not at all! They just reacted instinctively to a perception that they might need those items. There was a basic fear of not getting the item if at all they need it. How funny! Nothing is so essential to us other than a few basic food items perhaps. People still did that and created an artificial shortage of essential items.

Hoarding is actually considered as a psychological disorder across the world. We all have one or two family members or acquaintances, who cannot part with articles irrespective of their value. Apart from storing items, hoarding can also be in the form of compulsive buying, compulsive collection of free items etc. Hoarders stock anything from household items, food to insignificant things like newspapers, plastic bags etc. This behaviour pattern not only affects the person concerned, but also has harmful impact on the people around. The disorder leads the person to lose empathy towards others. He or she doesn’t care much for how people around him or her are reacting to the habit or how it is impacting the society per se.

Coming back to the huge hoarding boom the world has seen in the last few weeks, this pattern shows how self-centred we all have become. It’s all about “I, me, mine”. We were not even stopping once to think whether we need 50 packets of Maggi or 20 rolls of tissues. And what about the fresh fruits and vegetables we stored? A huge portion of them must have got wasted, right? Have we ever thought that if we hadn’t picked them up, the same could have fed a few more families perhaps?

Hoarding, as you can see, is a habit, which we need to get rid of. We are all flexible enough to make a change or two in our life, if necessary. Unnecessarily storing items we don’t need, would only create a chaos both at home and outside. People, who genuinely need those, wouldn’t get them. It’s better to put ourselves in their shoes and think again!

Let us say no to hoarding. Let us be socially conscious and spread the word too.