The ongoing lockdown and the consequent stay-at-home period have surely brought in a sense of boredom amongst all of us. We are restricted within the four walls of our homes and the only travels we can indulge in are from one room to the other. The same old chores, the constraints and on top of that, the depressing news of the deadly virus; they are all taking a toll on our mind. How do we take care of ourselves then?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame, had once said, “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” Guess, we all need to inculcate this habit of making little things important in our lives. Maybe it is time to make some small changes at home, which can have a big impact on our families and us.

There are innumerable ways, small ways we mean, which can cheer up the space we call “home”. The first thing you can do is to declutter your home. We all tend to store things we never use. It is the perception that “I may need it someday”, that makes us keep the stuff, which we can easily get rid of. Experts are of the opinion that clutter is nothing but stagnant energy. Clutter is said to crowd our minds with excess stimuli that make our senses work extra on things that are unimportant. Decluttering brings in freshness like never before. Let us give away the things we haven’t used for more than two years. That would not only create storage space, it would also be used by someone who needs it more than we do.

Once you declutter, it would be easier for you to change your home décor with the things you already have. Bring in a plant or two from your balcony. The greenery would add a freshness that would brighten up the room. You may rearrange your furniture layout too. A change in the layout would give a completely new look to your home. Clear out space in your bookshelf to display knick-knacks and keep those few books on your coffee table instead. Perhaps your children can build a book tower that would look interesting. If a wall is looking dull, you can put up a mirror or a few sketches done by your kid there. If you have colourful ceramics, you can arrange them on the kitchen rack or on the sideboard to add vibrancy to the room.

Such small changes can give a new look to your home, which would have a significant impact on you.  Take this opportunity and make some small changes to bring a sense of newness in you and your home. Treat it as an adventure and explore your ghar!