“ Home is your Sanctuary” or  “There is no place like home”

I believe we can all agree with this. Helping us with this unexpected crisis leading to this lockdown, our home has given us the best gift ever, which is, safety. While we take good care of our home, our home is taking good care of us too.  With keeping us physical fit, our home also plays an important role in helping us be mentally fit.  Let us bring some light on how we can be positive at home during this lockdown.


We are well aware of the virus that has spread globally and its effect on the world. Taking all the precautionary measures and staying at home is the only way of contributing to the safety of oneself and people around.  By taking these measures, we take care of our physical health, but what about our mental health?

It’s an unusual time for all of us. The news is all grim and depressing and staying positive during this crisis can be difficult even for the most optimistic. The posts about the virus on facebook and instagram, the uncountable whatsapp forwards and calls that eventually lead to talking about death, knowingly or unknowingly, have an effect on our mental health. As we all are in a lockdown and the situation is uncertain, having a positive mind and aura in your house and being in control of our thoughts is very important.

Being positive is easy for some of us but hard for those who see a glass half empty. Many of you might even wonder ‘What exactly is positive thinking?’. Positive thinking does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring bad things; instead it involves making the most of the potentially bad situations, generating hope, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive way. Here are a few techniques you can follow which will help you boost your positive thinking.

Reduce the time spent on social media and news:  Listen/read the news but limit yourself to reading it once a day. Switch off your news feed, talk radio and email alerts. Engage yourself in other activities like re-arranging your cupboard/house, cleaning out some unattended drawers or just sitting in your favorite spot reading a book.

Take time to appreciate yourself and people around you: Take advantage of this lockdown and focus on some family bonding. Indulge in some board games and other activities that get you closer to one another. Also, follow your individual interests and spend some time to explore them(while you do this remember to stay at home). Reach out to family outside your home through various internet platforms and engage in some happy talks. Don’t forget, our home has given us space to create memories of a life time. Take this chance and spread more love.

Have a new outlook on daily things: Take a new perspective on daily tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, dusting and find happiness in small things that you do. Go out in your balcony and capture some views that never caught your eye before. You might just spot rare bird species.

Maintain a daily routine:  Have an easy scheduled planned out for you for the day. Make sure to add activities like exercise, meditation, music or dancing that will help you keep your mental health balanced and boost some endorphins in your body.

Show random acts of kindness: Showing small acts of kindness can generate positivity in you and also for people around you. Leave a small package for the delivery boy, send a ‘Take care’ email to your loved ones from far, look out for your neighbors or surprise your family with a special meal.

Lastly, write about things that make you happy:  Take your journal and start writing about things that make you happy, your past happy moments, happy things you would like to do once the pandemic is over or just things that even make you happy at home now.

Being positive is challenging during this time, but not impossible. Don’t be hard on yourself. Practice at least one of the above techniques each day and find yourself in a positive zone. Remember, mental health is as important as physical health. Be positive. Think positive. Because, positive homes with positive people is #PureDelight .