Body Shaming

Body shaming is something which is very common these days. As we all know, there is no such thing as too fat or too skinny. If you are not comfortable with your body, you need to work on it. But before you start to work on your body, work on your mental health which is more important. Mark your comfort zone first and then step out of it. Your goal should be, being strong, confident, healthy and above all… acceptance of yourself. Never find any excuse to skip your planned workouts, diet.  Try to stick to your plans. Even if they are not working up to your expectations, never lose hope. If you are feeling low, then it’s time to talk to someone very close to you… a family member, a friend or maybe a therapist . It works as a stress buster and does help you to keep you focused on your goals.

It is very easy for others to put you down – shattering your motivation and hard work because of their pre conceived concept of superiority. It’s easy to draw attention to your physical flaws which, they feel, need to be worked on. Don’t pay heed to such talk. Stick to what you think of yourself. People are there to talk. If you are skinny, they will say, “you don’t get to eat”, “you eat so less”. If you are fat then they would suggest that you do portion control. But, it’s you, who knows the best. Stick to your commitments to your body, that’s all.

Do you think that to have a beautiful and strong body is only a pressure on girls? Not at all. In this modern world boys too equally feel this pressure to look macho. They too are conscious about health. Over all this has become a trend to be physically fit.

If you really want to transform you can always look for a gym nearby. Things are even easier when it is right next door. May be shifting home to a gated community with world class gym facility is one way to facilitate your journey. But can we directly walk to the gym and start the exercises? No ways. We always need an expert to guide us. The exercising pattern depends according to every individual’s physical health, the pattern of lifestyle we follow including our sleep pattern too matters a lot. So please don’t decide anything on your own, take an expert’s advice. Find a really good gym with a trainer initially and start off finding the new you. If you don’t like gyming, then try finding an alternative like going for walk, doing yoga or simply do the exercises we all did in our school. Anything that will make you feel good. Study says working out releases happy hormones in addition to keeping our body fit.

But guys never focus only on outer beauty, do focus on your mental health first. You must fit in your own skin and be comfortable with it. If you accept yourself the way you are the world will too!