The Goel Ganga Foundation organised ‘Live Beautiful’ – an evening of powerful dialogue, beauty, glamour and fun at our grand new project, Ganga Dham Towers in Marketyard. On the occasion of Women’s Month, an annual celebration at Goel Ganga Group, we gathered some of the best women we knew for this event to take a step forward in changing the world.

Live Beautiful was an evening geared to make us feel comfortable in our own selves. To help us understand beauty goes far beyond the surface of our skins and how to use this realization to change the world; to make right the wrongs brought upon us by the ugliness of our predecessors.

At the event, we discussed the root causes of humanity’s problems; the hunger for more, the greed for surplus. As we wake up from the trance of plenty we see that the more we take, the less we have. And at Goel Ganga Group, we believe that the problem can be fixed. And we should begin to fix it where it began to spread from; the home.

We at Goel Ganga Group have been delivering Pune’s best home’s for 35 years now and we think that a happy home is a beautiful home. But with the discontent in peoples’ outside lives spreading like a menace into their homes, how are we to remain happy? How are we to live beautifully?

This question was posed to both the audience and the panel. The panel included Geeta Goel, matriarch of the Goel Ganga Parivar, Amrita Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Foundation and Creative Head, Maati Se, Deepa Kumar, Director, Goel Ganga Foundation, and Director, Chokhi Dhani, Amala Seth, renowned architect and designer, Founder, Metaphor Designs, and Leena Saldanha, Author and Director, The Red Tree Design Studio.

Amrita Goel said that it is important to be connected with our soil and our roots. To be more independent and self reliant, to stay in touch with your inner creativity and express it in any way that satisfies you. She believes that the expression of your creativity will help you realize your own beauty.

Deepa Kumar spoke about the importance of family time and to spend more time together. She stressed upon the need to make our family the center of creating a beautiful life, how we need to be in touch with our culture, to not forget where we came from.

Amala Sheth, one of the special guests of the evening, is a renowned architect and the mastermind behind the majestic Ganga Dham Towers. She said to blindly copy the Western world is not the way to live our life – we must embrace our own rich culture.

Geeta Goel, the driving force behind the Foundation’s work towards women empowerment, said that “sanskars” begin at home. Sanskars cannot be taught in the schools we send our children to. She said that we must acknowledge and understand the beauty of our traditions, and through them, create a beautiful home for our children.

Leena Saldanha, who is also a poet, said that we must step forward and claim our beauty and inspire others to do the same. She stated, rightly, that the women who acknowledge their beauty and use it effectively are some of the most powerful people in the world.


And in the midst of beginning to change our lives for the better, Live Beautiful had some of the best live music, a lively, empowered ramp walk, some awesome food and was a lot of fun.

All of us at Goel Ganga Group look forward to more opportunities like the Live Beautiful event to positively influence and inspire powerful conversations. We wish all women a great Women’s Month – here’s to you, to recognizing the beauty in you and to changing the world one beautiful home at a time!