Diwali is one of those festivals appreciated and loved by everyone, as it comes with radiance and holidays! People all over the nation get busy making plans with their families and friends and go shopping for beautiful clothes.

Although, the fact remains that little children and young adults enjoy celebrating this beautiful festival with fire crackers even TODAY! In spite of knowing their harmful effects on environment and on animals, families encourage this act in the name of celebration.

Why indulge in this mass pollution and severe health related threat, when this festival can be celebrated in the most memorable way?

Diwali arrives every October to remind everybody that you have been missing out on so many important things like, playing with grandchildren, meeting relatives, meeting old friends, covering distances to get see your parents or for the matter of fact, just taking a long break from the usual hustle -bustle!

Can we not celebrate this year’s Diwali this way?

Here are a few points that you all can opt for –

  • Decorate your house beautifully. Decide cleverly and use DIY ideas to decorate each corner of your house! Be creative.

Make someones Diwali special, for instance buy clothes for your maid or gift her child!

Manage to contribute to orphanages and to those who are unable to celebrate. Plant more trees around you.

Call your family and friends over and have a great time with food, conversations and real bonding.

Embrace this Diwali with warm hearts and huge smiles! We all need to change our ways of celebrating festivals keeping in mind the health of others and ourselves.

Make this year’s Diwali Pure Delight and an unforgettable one! Let this be a trend for the next year!