1. So that you can #RunToWork

Because walking to work is so last year. Start off your day with a run on the track at Undri’s ONLY family fitness centre. GCube your life, and run to work!

2. Because New Year’s isn’t the only time to set some #fitnessgoals

January and February were trial months, but it’s never too late to start working on yourself. With a swimming pool, cricket pitch, and a basketball and tennis court, GCube makes meeting your #fitnessgoals easy!

3. So that you don’t sweat the small stuff. Literally!

Did climbing up a flight of stairs or walking a few metres leave you breathless and panting? With special functional training sessions, GCube can help you go through your day without breaking into a sweat!

4. So that you can live to eat, not eat to live

Does the fear of those extra kilos keep you from reaching for another serving of gajar halwa? Don’t worry – you can swim your way to the best shape of your life at the large swimming pool at GCube!

 5. So that you can pop, lock and drop it!

Sweating it out in a gym isn’t the only way to stay fit… Join the zumba revolution! Dance off the calories in a super fun zumba workout at the special classes at GCube!

 6. So that you don’t die young.

India is the third most obese country in the world, according to India Today. Obesity has been linked to a host of illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and breathing disorders, and more and more young Indians are affected by these everyday. Build up your immunity in the fully equipped gymnasium at GCube!

7. So that you walk your dog, it doesn’t walk you.

Is your family pet running circles around you? Build up your stamina with high intensity kickboxing lessons at GCube!

8. Because video games aren’t cool.

Are your child’s thumbs the only muscles that get a workout? With a host of special classes and a state-of-the-art playground, GCube makes your kids healthy in a way they will love!

9. Because fit is the new sexy.

 All the celebrities with their toned arms and six pack abs didn’t get these by themselves – they have trainers who help them! GCube has a team of highly trained and qualified personal trainers just so that you can get a body you can be proud of!

10. Because a healthy family is a happy family.

At the end of the day, family is what it’s all about – how can you be happy if your family isn’t fit? With activities for every age group and fun Group Ex classes, GCube makes sure that your entire family’s health is managed.


So what are you waiting for? Break out those workout clothes you’ve been hiding away, head down to Undri’s ONLY family fitness centre – GCube, at Ganga Glitz TODAY!

Book an appointment by calling 020 414200, or visit www.goelganga.com/fitness.php